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10 Foolproof Steps to Achieve Professional Success

People have always had the need for guides to help them navigate through their professional and personal lives. The Little Great Book of Work gently leads us to our goal. It’s a valuable tool for recent graduates as well as for professionals who already have work experience. This wonderful book is transforming my life. It’s for this reason that I emphatically recommend reading it and putting its proposed concepts into practice.

Víctor S., Vice President

of a leading international company

in the United States


I deeply thank Luz for all of her literary works, her teachings, and for her sweet and illuminating way of transmitting wisdom. Thanks to her I discovered my personal legend, I reaffirmed my personal values, I controlled my emotions and my mood, and that gave me profound and unlimited happiness.

Karina, a successful Business Coach.

But after reading The Little Great Book of Work, I implemented some steps that catapulted me to be the Number 1 in sales: always be excited and positive, have empathy and put myself in the client’s position, and, above all, always work for myself. Now I am in search of the great truth, and I have no doubt that I’ll soon find out if working in sales is what my heart sings, as would Luz would say.

David, #1 in Sales

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Thoughts to Reach 


"If you persevere on the journey to your heart and you dedicate time to the study and the cultivation of yourself, enhancing your virtues, you will undoubtedly reach true happiness". Luz and Gael.

Life is continuous learning and unlearning, a return to the truth. We are immersed in a world that often makes sense and other times less so.
In this luminous book we find a great selection of quotes on self-improvement, love, work, faith, relationships, wellness, and spirituality that will guide us on the short journey that makes up our existence.
These will be valuable self-help tools; inspiring, amazing, and full of wisdom.
A word, a reflection can remove us from a state of fear, doubt, unhappiness, burden, sadness. A thought can change our life forever.

Thoughts to Reach Fullness includes more than forty unpublished quotes and include the best reflections of Luz Boscani and Gael Rodriguez


Self Impropvement

Sri Sri. Poetry for


Poetry for Self-Improvement is a book of poems that targets the heart and its loftiest sentiments. The verses written here are designed to awake in the passionate reader an interesting and inspiring journey through the sweetest and most universal corners of the soul. A stirring adventure through the emotions and values that escort us through life and human experience. A heartfelt invitation to our inner joy.
Poetry for Self-Improvement is a collection of poems stemming from the path traveled through different countries and cultures, and brought to fruition with the love of my life, Luz, after a process of renunciation and personnel detachment. You can also enjoy the wonderful and inspiring images to help you create a beneficial space for reflection. All of them were taken by the author and his love over the course of recent months.
Immerse yourself in the depth of your emotions and from that space of love and self-acceptance conquer a new life full of happiness and personal peace.

Your inner melody awaits you.

quotes of wisdom, Gael Rodríguez, spiritual quotes, love, self help


Works like Sri Sri and Honey Heart have given us moments of immense inspiration, emotion and love. On this occasion, The Celestial Poet expresses through reflections his philosophy, profoundness, and purity.
Ephemeral leads us through the steps of a spiritual seeker, an ascetic, a poet in love. We will slowly discover thoughts about the mystery of life, happiness, personal growth, the power of the mind, spirituality and love.
This profound work has been a before and after in the life of thousands of people.
Ephemeral has woken up hearts, has transformed lives.

Gael Rodríguez tells us:
May divine inspiration expressed in Ephemeral take you to the altar of your heart. May the love and peace of his words, of his images, of his alchemy, take you closer to the Creator that you have inside.”

poems of love

Honey Heart

Honey Heart is a book of poems dedicated to the love that transforms our existence in the dinghy rocking, in the murmur of waves, in the flooded spell, in the promised land, in the enlightened manna, in the unexpected rain, in the uncontrolled offence, in the dressed up sunset, in a dance of souls.
It marks a new course for all those that wish to experience divine infatuation.

I am through your truth.
I am through your truthful love.
I am through your universal soul.
I am through your never-ending caress.


Sri Sri
Honey heart

10 Steps to Create a True

Relationship Forever

“Totally love Him who gave Himself totally for your love.” Saint Clare of Assisi.

The author of Listen to your heart, save your life and Removing layers from the onion brings us The little great book of love. Luz Boscani invites us to go down the beautiful road of inspiration, profoundness, truth, love, and beauty.
10 Steps to Create a True Relationship Forever tells us about the qualities and virtues we have to develop in order to live in a state of pure love.
Open your heart and experience the magic of the most wonderful gift that has been given to us, love.

A beautiful literary work to treasure and share.

10 steps love
10 stpes work
thoughts to reach fullness
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