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spiritual ebooks, poetry, meditation, success, love, self help, personal grow
spiritual ebooks, poetry, meditation, success, love, self help, personal grow

Luz Boscani, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, known as The Woman of the Treasure of Values, always felt moved to help people overcome their difficulties and achieve happiness. She has a degree in Marketing and had great success in her career, but after a profound change she gave up everything and turned her objectives to service and to selfless help. Today she dedicates her days to writing texts of spiritual self-help, love, personal growth, and well-being.

Works like Removing layers of the onion, Become a Better You, and 21 answers reveal how Luz is a pioneer in the implementation of unusual methods as tools of personal growth and self-help. With a completely new approach, the reader is led to the healing of his or her life in a simple and enriching way. Many people say their lives transform after implementing the methods of self-knowledge and divine connection that Luz teaches.

Her vision of life, her purity, and her sweetness moves even the most skeptical person. Through her words she manages to convey universal wisdom with clarity and great depth.


Gael Rodríguez, known as The Celestial Poet, was born in Madrid, Spain. Mystic poet and writer. After marrying the love of his life, Luz, he retired with her to the top of a mountain, achieving self-realization and profound inspiration.

Gael Rodríguez is, probably, the poet who has written the most about personal growth. His verses and essays create an authentic work of self-help. His mission is to offer people an instrument through which they can connect to their heart, find peace, and live in harmony and fullness with life.

Ephemeral, The Powerful You, and his Poetic Collection of Personal Growth makes him a contemporary reference of transformational thinking.
A fresh look, mystic and defiant, that creates a new poetic wave.

Luz and Gael have become a spiritual and humanitarian writer couple that touch hearts around the world, with their more than 40 published titles. The remarkable growth in the Spanish-speaking electronic market has exceeded all expectations. Countries such as Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, and the USA lead the ranking of the best sellers.

Their works are available in major online bookstores throughout the world in paper and digital forms.

If you persevere on the way to your heart and spend time studying and cultivating yourself, enhancing your virtues,

you will undoubtedly reach true happiness”.

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Self-help, success, wellness, spirituals books
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